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Offer an alternative method for tattoo removal without the laser pain to your clients.  A solution EliminInk™ is implanted into the skin using the same type of tattoo machine that was used to create the tattoo. Many patients feel that this process is more comfortable than laser and appreciate the reduced number of treatments as compared with laser. This is a highly effective method to help when “the memory has faded”.

Traditional laser removal can take up to 10 treatments which is not suitable for all skin types. EliminInk™ gets fast, safe and effect results in as little as 1 treatment. Depending on the type and size of the tattoo multiple sessions may be needed for optimum results. 

*Maximum 2 x 2 inch area treated per session.

*Pricing varies depending on size and depth of tattoo.

How It Works?
The EliminInk™ solution is implanted into skin using a technique similar to that used by a tattoo or permanent makeup artist. Magnesium oxides and other ingredients "bind" to the iron oxides in the tattoo ink or color pigment used in permanent makeup and safely lifts them to the surface through oxidation. A scab will form over the treated area that must be kept dry until it sloughs off naturally. After the scab is gone, using a scar reduction cream or silicone patch is required to reduce the chances of redness and scaring.


You must become certified through an EliminInk™ instructor to order this product and offer these services. Great for Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Artists. An official EliminInk™ certificate is provide upon completion of course. For more information please contact Lisa Fast @ 281.410.8336

Training Fee $1000 This includes a kit with product to render approximately 20 procedures.

Eliminink non-laser tattoo removal course